Full Moon, Eclipses, and Change – Oh My!

The time is come, friends. On the edge of this massively powerfully Leo Full Moon and Eclipse I am feeling ALL the feels. Are you feeling it, too?

I’m not an astrologer. I’ve studied it very minimally, in a very self-directed format, and for less than a year. But, that education has been enough to help me understand that Astrology is NOT subjective. There is no such thing as multiple interpretations of a map. A map is a map. Astrology is a map.

When we enter into this physical realm there is a stamp placed of our soul. That stamp takes into account the map of the starts and the organization of planets and other asteroids at the exact time of our birth. The organization of these at the time of our birth signifies something extremely specific about our lives. It is an outline of the path we came to lead, the map of our destiny. This type of chart is known as “the natal chart”.

But, during full moons, new moons, eclipses and other strong energetic phenomena, we can also look at this map and take a global snapshot of what is happening in the world at that time. It’s an energetic blueprint of the common threads in collective consciousness and it allows us to better understand what the hell is going on when we suddenly want to sleep for three days or murder everyone.

This particular period we’re entering is a HIGHLY interesting one. I myself feel a massive shift from “playing small” to BIG DAWG and quickly. I see it not only in my own life and mindset, but also in the mindset of my own coaches that I mentor. There is a mysterious “up-leveling juice” that they all seem to be drinking and let me tell you, it’s working.

This is a POWERFUL gate of influence right now. We are being downloaded – most unknowingly – with key changes in order to live a life of greater empowerment, clarity, and purpose. If you’ve been wading in the waters of uncertainty, questioned self-worth, and intimidation be prepared to be catapulted full force into the very opposite of those sentiments.

Now is the time to say YES to that opportunity that’s been lingering on your mind but that you’re scared of. Now is the time to start that self-care journey you’ve been saying for years you have to. Now is the time to do the unthinkable that lights your soul on fire and makes you want to jump up and down and scream HALLELUJAH! Now is the time.

Dedicate some quiet time to meditation and reflection. August 8th we enter into a very special date numerologically – August (8) 8th (8) 2017 (2 + 8=10 = 1). The number 8 is a number of power and wealth. It is the infinity symbol and is often correlated with the unveiling of ownership of self and rightful receiving. The number 1 is a number of divinity and of new beginnings. Prepare yourselves for a massive up-level on power, wealth, and self ownership.

In summation – DO THE DAMN THING. Lady luck is on your side.

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