When “To Hell In A Handbasket” Is The Theme for Your Life

I’m as woo-woo as it can get. I love my crystals, tarot cards, mantras, asanas, plant based foods, barefoot walks, moon rituals and meditations. When it comes to connecting with my higher self, tuning into the guidance I’m receiving, allowing myself to be led, etc., I’m basically a pro…


My favorite tarot card from John Holland’s deck. The card of new beginnings and adventures!

See if you’re anything like me – pretty self aware, in tune with yourself, sensitive, empathic – then you have probably experienced several moments in your life when you felt you were being *nudged* in a certain direction by something greater than yourself. There have been, most likely, moments of despair, joy, grief where you felt that you were not alone and indeed had an intangible audience and an internal barometer for situations that was remarkably uncanny.

Also, if you’re anything like me, while you may be “tuned in, tapped in and turned on” as Abraham Hicks says, you also inevitably go in said “led” direction kicking and screaming.

Often, the direction that is for our highest good doesn’t resemble things like “comfort” or “stability”. Most often it resembles things like, “terror” and “sheer panic”. For example, leaving an unhealthy marriage, launching your first business, going on a date with the first person you’ve liked in YEARS, buying your first home, backpacking through Europe for two months, etc.

All of those things are auspicious and positive by nature, but most often we respond to them with the kind of anxiety and grief reserved for an event far less auspicious. We KNOW it’s the right thing for us. We KNOW the time has come and the decision must be made. AND, we linger.

We hesitate.

We step in and step out.

We make up reasons why it’s a horrible idea.

We think of EVERY reason why it can’t work.

And we linger.

And during that lingering time, something starts to happen that most of us can’t seem to remember no matter how many times we’ve lived through this exact same experience – your life will start to fall apart.

As we linger on the edge of this decision we know we are being, literally, pushed towards and as we resist and resist, our lives come undone. Most acutely, we will feel the unraveling in the specific area that we are considering changing.

Why is that?

Because you have already energetically decided. You have decided. Inside of you, you made a decision of what you wanted and as a result your energetic body and the forces of the Universe are conspiring to help you achieve what you’ve decided you want. The problem is, your mind is not on board. Your mind is scared shitless. Your mind is single handedly responsible for the laundry list of bullshit reasons why what you want is actually an awful idea.

But the push is still there and it will NOT be stopped. The forces are in motion and you will move in the direction you desire, no-matter-what. So as your energy pushes you onward and your mind pulls you back you exist in this push-pull state that begins to generate resistance and friction. This friction, much like real tire on gravel friction, will quickly start to burn. The result of that burning? Your life going to hell in a hand basket.

You will deal with the friction for a while. It will be tolerable for a bit.

Then it will get hotter.

And hotter.

And then you will find yourself burning up alive, screaming, running around with your hair on fire ready to jump into the nearest ice cold pool you can find. And so, you’ll say okay. You’ll stop resisting. You’ll stop the pull and you’ll allow the push, mostly because you’re too tired and burned to care.

And suddenly there will be PEACE. A quiet and easy peace that wraps you up in a warm embrace and lets you know you’re okay. And even though you still won’t have all the answers, or everything figured out, you’ll feel SO much better.

So, the choice is yours: let the friction burn your face off, or stop resisting and allow yourself to be guided to your natural next step.

Evolution is inevitable. It is who we are. Accepting this is the key to long term happiness and true fulfillment. What edge are you standing on? Where do you need to stop resisting? Because like you, I am also there and this is my love letter to the ledge on which I’ve stood for such a long time. It’s time to part ways good friend. It’s time. Join me.



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