The Ultimate Reset: How a 21 Day Detox is Changing My Life

ultimate-reset-general-1Let me begin by saying I’m only on day 5. FIVE. I still have 16 days left and I already feel like a completely different person – frankly, I’m a little alarmed imagining who I’ll be come day 21. Lady gaga?! Madonna!? Who knows!

In all seriousness – kinda – I’ve been chronicling my detox on my social media page with short diary like video entries every day since I started and I already feel that in those five days I’ve learned an ass-load about my habits, behaviors, and emotional triggers. It’s pretty incredible how much the quality of the food you are putting into your body can change the way your brain and your body function almost immediately.

The particular program I’m doing is called The Ultimate Reset and it’s a product by the company Beachbody that I am a coach with. I took on this task of trying the ultimate reset when my collegue and success partner, Victoria, recommended it and shared her wild success with it in times prior. I was definitely feeling the need for a cleanse and her recommendation was pretty perfect timing. She was going to do it with me and we would host a group and it was going to be fabulous. Only that by day two of this thing I felt like I was dying a slow and painful death.

Erratic behavior included:

  • Remaining horizontal for most of my day even as my kid terrorized the house.
  • Feeling FREEZING and sick and having to walk around in my thick winter bathrobe.
  • Attempting to grocery shop with a toddler, while it’s raining, then thinking I left my phone in an aisle, hurdling my toddler in cart down two different aisles, only to find the phone in my purse -where I put it.
  • Crying four times a day about things that made me feel grateful.

Then on day three I woke up and felt fucking FANTASTIC. I felt like my pores were radiating sunshine and soon I would have a collective of small planet like objects revolving around me. Seriously, it was amazing. I was headache free, energetic, optimistic and ENJOYING cooking – I mean, WHO AM I!?!

Then, the breakthroughs REALLY started to pour in:

  • I go out for coffee/drinks/food because I want to bond or connect. It’s the experience I’m seeking.
  • If I don’t have the need to go out, I can stay home and focus on cooking and enjoying the process without rushing.
  • I like way more green things than I realized and eating plants is awesome.
  • Without refined sugar on my pallet, I can taste flavors that seemed dull to me before.
  • My eyesight is improving.
  • I have more patience with my son and my husband and I no longer get distracted completing house chores or running errands – no more brain fog!
  • I was down four lbs in two days – TWO. Lord only knows what 21 will be like!

I honestly cannot say what will happen day 21, but I KNOW for sure that I won’t be the same person or have the same eating habits. The awareness I’ve already gathered has gone straight to my heart. I LOVE how present I am with my son. I love how much I’m enjoying cooking for my family. I love that I feel like I’m moving slowly, peacefully in my day and EVERYTHING is getting done. I wouldn’t trade this for anything – not even a donut and THAT is saying a lot.

I’ll be uploading my vlog diaries on youtube and then updating a link here to watch soon – for now please feel free to visit my social media platforms and chat me up!



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