When The Pink Moon Speaks


I don’t know about all of you, but this pink full moon in Libra has WIPED me out! The first half of this moon felt electric, vibrant, full of opportunity and joy. The SECOND half of this moon energy has left me feeling wiped out, overwhelmed and like what the FUCK is going on!? Old stories, timelines, people re-emerging, opportunities suddenly looking complicated and less auspicious – it’s legit been NON STOP cray.

The other night I went live in our Facebook support group called Begin Again: Support for Mind, Body, and Spirit where I host free mini card readings on new and full moons, and there was a lot of talk of transition and insecurity in everyones readings. It seemed like there was a blanket of uncertainty hovering over everyone as they felt the shifting pieces of their lives accented under the influence of this very vibrant full moon.

At the time of that video, I was deep in the the first phase of this moon’s energy – possibility, opportunity, joy, exuberance! Channeling felt easy and open and I was really enjoying the moon and all the newness coming my way. But as the days have progressed, I’ve felt an overwhelming uncertainty that resonates clearly with what every person watching that live stream felt.

I’m including the live video I did on the full moon – not the readings as those are reserved for the group – in hopes that it gives you a little clarity on what is happening right now in your life and in the world. MANY planets are in retrograde, MUCH restlessness is appearing in our personal and global stories. During times like these it’s so important that we not get caught up in the story, that we just allow the feelings to move through us without getting hung up.

When we attach to certain feelings or fears, we lose touch with our consciousness. Allowing emotions to flow through us is paramount to living a healthy and happy life.

So if there is craziness happening right now and you have no idea if you’re coming or going, happy or miserable, excited or terrified – just hold your ground. The energy will lighten up, clarity will be born, you will submerge. In the meantime, make no rash decisions, don’t act on impulse, meditate, rest, eat well and allow time to pass.

In love and service,




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