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The beginning of this year marked a very distinct new beginning for myself and for the members of my 4-unit mastermind group that I am an active member of. The four of us came together to complete a course that revolves around money mindset, but REALLY around mindset, period. Initially, we thought we’d come together and talk about the course modules and our homework and our experiences and then, as time progressed, we began talking about the REAL shit – the resistance, the fear, the limiting beliefs, the victim mentality, the paralyzing lack perception, etc.

In a very fortunate turn of events, that mastermind group has become a very significant and valuable aspect of my own energetic learning. It has allowed me to stay accountable to the frequency I’m in, ensuring that the moment I know I’m OUT of my desired frequency, I take swift action to get back IN. So what does that mean, exactly?

As a student of A Course In Miracles, I’ve also studied law of attraction rather in depth. However, it wasn’t until this year that I really decided to dive DEEP into the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Particularly, I stumbled across this book, Money & The Law of Attraction on audio and I have since listened to the entire thing twice on loop. And yes, there will be a third time.

So, what does Abraham teach exactly? Why is it life changing? Please, allow me to explain.

If you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you probably know that I very much live in the understanding that our energetic impact on the world is not only real but the only abiding law that governs our reality. In other words, as we think, we create. What we belief, we speak into existence.  This is wonderful when it’s the shit we want, but most often, we are unconsciously manifesting shit we don’t want all-the-time.

Let me clarify that this law is not subject your belief. You saying, “I don’t believe in that stuff” does not actually nullify how this works. That’s like saying you don’t believe in gravity; you can NOT believe in it if you want, but when you fall off a building the law of gravity will apply to you. Whether you believe in this or not, the law is always active and always responsive, the only question really is, am I using it to my advantage or not?

Abraham is a channeled cluster of non-material beings who speak through Esther Hicks. If you remember the book, “Seth Speaks” as channeled by Jane Roberts then you understand this concept. Every once in a while this will happen where non-material beings choose a subject to channel their ultimate understanding into our material reality so that we can better understand the course and purpose of our lives.

Abraham teaches on the significance and limitless potential of vibrational alignment. This acknowledges, first, that we are all mostly vibration. Secondly, that we are constantly vibrating in alignment with everything else around us. Thirdly, that we have the capacity to vibrate into alignment with what we want or don’t want, using the directive power of thought. Please understand, this is not just positive thinking, this is positive LIVING.

In other words, our reality as we know it, is exactly as we have vibrated it into existence. Every shitty aspect of your reality, or blessed aspect of your reality, is a reflection of a vibration you offered to the Universe that was then returned to you in form of material. This is why Abraham explains, “The better it gets, the better it gets. Or, the worse it gets, the worse it gets.” It’s also why, “The richer get richer and the poorer get poorer.” The reason those statements are true is because the people who are actively and constantly looking for better or richness in their lives, are constantly finding it and the people who are constantly looking for scarcity and negativity in their lives are constantly finding it, too.

Abraham describes this relationship to the Universe the “ultimate fairness” because the Universe is exclusively responding to what you are requesting. The problem is, we fail to recognize that when we are living in worry, anxiety, stress, and thinking about what we DON’T want, we are telling the Universe, “Please come to me more of what I don’t want.” Wherever your vibrational frequency is living, that is where you are living.
Want to know what you’re vibing? Look at your life.

Not the relationship you want? Not the amount of money you want? Not the health that you want? There’s good news, you can change that.

The only thing that will keep you from transforming whatever circumstance you are living through right now using this principle, is the belief that you CAN’T. Again, your belief has no bearing on whether or not the law is active, but it has tremendous bearing on whether or not you will use it to benefit you. Because believing it can’t, basically holds you in a vibration of “not possible, not possible, not possible” which will bring you more of what you vibe – impossibility. Only in that way does your belief either help or hinder this.

If you were to take an HONEST look at your life, right now, what would you see? What have you created on some level that came from maybe lack of conscious effort? Or maybe came as a direct result of something you were terrified would happen? Or maybe came about as the result of something you hoped would happen?

Intention is so powerful. Where your focus is, that is what you are praying into existence. Every second you are wasting your focus on gossip, judgement, negativity, pessimism and suffering, you are actively engaging the law of attraction in bringing you more of that. Don’t believe it? Try it for a SOLID week. Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, redirect it immediately and see if you don’t feel differently after 7 days of this behavior AND if you don’t see a difference in your reality.

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May you always have vibrational awareness and may you constantly manifest only the most beautiful realities you can dream of!


Shakti <3

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