Update Your Life: As You Change Your Life Should, Too.


It is forever unfortunate that, especially in the field of vocation, we have this deep cemented belief passed on from older generations that the way to do it “right” is to select a career at a ridiculously young and impressionable age, stay with it for your ENTIRE LIFE, retire and THEN do the things you love. You know, once you’re old. THEN, you can ACTUALLY enjoy our life. What a deal, huh?

This archaic notion that we’ve accepted way too readily is unsustainable and unrealistic, especially NOW. We are currently living in an era where the upcoming generations are no longer asking themselves how do I provide for basic food and shelter, but they are beginning to ask themselves, “How do I live my PURPOSE?”

Over time, we’ve moved up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and have finally reached a point in our evolution where imagining a life where we are NOT living our purpose, but simply punching a clock day after day and barely making ends meet is completely unsatisfying and feels torturous. The younger generations are no longer satisfied with the illusion of security offered by large corporations and pension plans and retirement, as they have woken up to the realization that NOTHING other than what they create can really be theirs, and even then, you know, there’s God.

In the wake of this realization we’ve seen small businesses explode over the globe and people have decided to start taking their future, wealth and feeling of security away from large institutions and to place in on themselves and their right vocation and right path in alignment with their beliefs. This has been a REVOLUTION in career and vocation and has brought people much closer to their higher self and inner truth as they search for their meaning and purpose in life.

And, let’s think about this for a second. We have accepted by now that the only constant in life is change. We know that things change and circumstances are constantly changing in nature and in our own lives, yeah? So, why then, would we assume that a career we selected when we were 21 would continue to remain the career we desire when we are 44? Or that the marriage we chose when we were 22 would still bring deep joy and happiness at 47?

Yes, I went there. Because in order for you to know that the choice you made is still the choice you WANT, you have to question everything. Doing something simply because “it’s the way it is” whether it’s a marriage or a job is complete and total BULLSHIT and if you’re in either one of them only because “you’ve been in it so long”, you need a massive reality check and I hope this is it.

I’m NOT saying you will be thrilled beyond belief with either, forever. All things have peaks and valleys, to be sure. But when you think about your work or your lover or your life, you should still feel a deep reverence and connection for it that feeds your spirit. You should still feel a calling to it that fulfills you. If you do not, it’s time to start the questions, my friend.

Life changes. We change. Circumstances change. Priorities change. Now more than ever you may be dreaming of time freedom, location freedom, financial independence, and travel and full-time family life. If that is what you deeply desire, then being chained to a 9-5 where you have to ask for time away, or time to pee, may NO longer fit your life model. And as scary as it is to question something you’ve believed for a long time, the reward is just BEYOND what you can imagine now.

So, I leave you with these guiding questions to help you find clarity on your own journey and hopefully to begin the conversation with yourself, in total naked honesty, about who you are now and what you want out of your life:

  • Who Are You NOW? What Do You Dream Of? What Lights You Up?
  • If Money/Time/Responsibilities Were Not of Consequence, What Would You Do With Your Time?
  • When You Day Dream, Where Do You Go?
  • When You Were Little, How Did You Play?
  • If You Could Have ANYTHING In The World, What Would It be?

Let these questions guide you deeper into who you are and what you are actually desiring. Let them clear the path of resistance you may encounter as you attempt to answer. Pray a little before you answer. Pray to be guided and shown, and pray for courage.

Living a life of your design is beautiful and worthy AND requires courage and perseverance. It requires that you discard what you’ve been told and what you’ve believed that has held you back from being who you truly are.

Remember this: “The Desires Of Your Heart Were Placed There For A Reason. The Fact That You Desire Them, Means They Are Destined To Be Yours.” – Amanda Frances



P.s. Need help getting clarity with how to change your life? Have you answered all the questions and you’re like, alright well, NOW what? Visit HERE for how to connect with me to help you discover that new life path. A free discovery call is always available to you. <3

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