3 Books That Have Grounded Me In Chaotic Times



Finding effective and transformative books/practices to help you stay focused and grounded especially during challenging collective or personal times is my #1 strategy for avoiding getting swept into the “ain’t it awful” mindset. I’ve learned through experience that the more I can flood my mind with texts that remind me of my ultimate truth as a being on this planet, the more I operate in my world and relationships from a place of Love and Respect.

Below is a list of three books that have been a lifeline for me right now during this particular era of my own life. Reading/Listening to them daily has allowed me to stay connected and it’s also allowed me to keep GOOD thoughts in my mind at all times whether I’m sitting and reading or driving or cleaning my house or playing with my son. I am including both a book link and an audio book link if you so prefer!

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer images

This book is the REAL deal. I had a very touch-and-go experience with Dr. Dyer in my early twenties, never really absorbing his lessons, most likely because it just wasn’t the right time for me, BUT after listening to this book I was overcome by how powerful this particular message is in instructing us on HOW to align with Universal consciousness in order to bring into effect the circumstances of our lives that we desire vs. the circumstances of our life that continue to derail us.

Dr. Dyer has an entire library worth of books that he himself has written over the course of his life and I’m sure they are all wonderful, this one just so happens to be crucial in instructing the art of co-creation or manifestation which I consider to be a necessary skill-set now more than ever.

BOOK link



220px-ACIM3COVER.jpgA Course In Miracles

This text requires a very open mind and heart as well as a willingness to see things differently. This book has no official author as it is a channeled document. Channeled by two non-religious individuals and put together sometime in the 70s, the words here featured are those of Jesus, the son of God, as he returns with messages of further clarification on his original meaning in the work of the Bible.

While I recognize that this may be a VERY sensitive subject for stringent Christians, I URGE you to remain open and receptive as that itself was a quality of the Christ-mind that Jesus possessed. This book addresses a very basic understanding that the Bible was compiled by men who were, by their own admission, limited in their ability to fully understand Jesus and his universal messages. Because Jesus’s level of consciousness was so incredibly elevated at the time of his living, it made it incredibly challenging, one can imagine, to be able to accurately transliterate his highest teachings if one’s own consciousness was NOT on that same frequency.

For this reason, the two chosen voices to channel this document, I believe, were completely non-religious so as to prevent obscuring the intended message of the work. In this book is not only a text, but includes 365 daily exercises to begin changing our perspective on the world, as well as a “Manual for Teachers” for anyone who is feeling “called” to serve as a messenger of Christ-mind.

If you’ve been on my blog for any extended period of time, you probably realize that I am particularly metaphysical in my own engagement and understanding of faith and spirituality. That being said, Jesus remains one of my own teachers and one that I treasure tremendously. If ANY part of you is curious or inspired by reading this, I URGE you to connect with this text. It is my daily morning ritual and it WILL change your life.

BOOK link


images-1Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This book is a POWERHOUSE of essential information. Written in 1937 during a time when this concept would’ve been absolutely groundbreaking, it continues to be EXACTLY that in this day and age. The link I am including is to the FIRST edition of this text. It has been changed over time by MANY others to include their own voice. While I see nothing wrong with that, we are only human and depending on our level of consciousness we will interpret the messages of others in that frequency vs the frequency in which it was originally intended. The original edition of this book CAN BE CHALLENGING especially if you are sensitive to racial language or the fact that men seem to be the referenced audience in this book. That being said, important to remember the times during which the text was written (1937) and the point of reference the author himself had.

No part of this book is offensive on purpose, that is totally clear. In fact, it’s probably one of the most enlightened books written during its time I’m sure. But PLEASE don’t let any of that deter you from the core message of this book, because if you do let the message in, it WILL change your life. The power of consciousness and of our own belief in what we are capable of has been studied for centuries. In this colorful and highly applicable book, the author gives DIRECT voice on HOW to create a life of infinite abundance.

I myself have applied these exercises more and more diligently as the years have gone by and have found every single one to be incredibly effective. This is a manual for life – it’s an inspirational story about his deaf son being able to hear even after being told for years he wouldn’t, it’s a testimonial on the power of the mind by the many men before who have accomplished powerful things because they believed they could, and it’s a message of hope for anyone who deeply desires to change the way they engage with abundance. This will remain with me for life and is revisited often.

Again, below is the link to the FIRST edition of this book, which I steadfastly recommend.

BOOK link


It is my greatest hope that these texts inspire you beyond belief! May they help you found centering and connection during a destabilizing time and may you emerge from them feeling empowered and more motivated than ever!



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