My Top 5 Lessons of the past 365 Days- Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday y’all.

The past 365 days of my life have been NUTS.

I went from having a baby, grappling through post partum depression and anxiety, and being 22 lbs over weight even after losing “baby weight”,to starting a business coaching, getting into the best shape of my life, create a thriving and beautiful community of clients and fellow coaches, and most recently launching a BRAND NEW project coming 2017 for a group coaching opportunity and a webinar to boot!

To say that it has been sort of a whirlwind is a massive understatement. On my 29th year of life, smack dab in the middle of my Saturn return, my life TRULY rearranged itself in more ways than one.

In the past year I’ve learned some EXTREMELY valuable lessons. Lessons that could not have been learned outside of the hardship and seeming devastation that I felt almost continuously at different moments. There are the top 5 lessons I’ve taken away from my 2016 experience of life on Earth.

Being a parent is really fucking hard. So, don’t beat yourself about it. It’s all made up anyway. No one knows what they’re doing. They are LITERALLY flying by the seat of their pants and guessing at how to do it best. No one is right. No one is wrong. Whatever makes most sense to YOU as a parent, DO. If it doesn’t make sense, I don’t care who says it, DON’T. Your kids need your love. That’s it. So love them super hard.

Your pain has a purpose, if you let it. I’ve always said that we have little control of the circumstances that will show up in our lives, but we have ALL the control in how we choose to respond to them. Our suffering is never in vain. Some of the most remarkable breakthroughs, projects, and organizations have been born out of tragic events. Don’t discard your experiences as uselessly horrid. Find the gem. Help the world.

When something is meant to work out for you – it will. If it’s not it DEFINITELY won’t. Give all that you can with your WHOLE heart when you out there and do work. But, when something falls through or doesn’t go as you had hoped, recognize it for the blessing that it is. There is a solid reason why that didn’t fly. Maybe it’s because you need to scrap it all together, or maybe it’s because you need to level-up your skills to give it another go. Either way it’s a good thing. Reframe and go back out there!

Your mindset is, literally, everything. How you perceive your world is how you’ll experience it. When it comes to setting goals and planning for your future, you MUST get your mindset on the frequency of what you desire. Every ounce of effort on your end must be put into changing your subconscious beliefs into more prosperous, expansive, healthier beliefs STAT. You will not change a single thing about your life until you start there. So, invest in a sounder mind.

The more you Love, the better EVERYTHING gets. Want more sales? Love more. Want more clients? Love more. Want more friends? Love more. Want more happiness? Love more. The answer is literally love more to EVERYTHING. When you ask yourself how you can love more in any given situation, the answer with inevitably lead you to a course of action that showers those around you with a profound sense of appreciation which will ALWAYS make everything better.

May these lessons move your soul and accelerate your life path in 2017 and above all, may you remember that you are PERFECT and on the RIGHT path always. <3



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