Mastering the Sacred Hustle


As 2016 quickly comes to a close, I am again in deep contemplation of the year that has passed and how much has happened, has been created, has been survived, etc.

The beginning of 2016 met me with my first small child in arms, a miserable case of postpartum depression and anxiety, a tense marriage, financial strain, breastfeeding complications, and ongoing panic.

What I imagined would have been the most beautiful beginning of a year rapidly devolved into one of the most devastating. I loved my son, so much. Daily, I was in awe that I managed to create such a perfect, adorable, beautiful little boy and then, that I delivered him into this world like a champ. And, even still, my internal agony seemed to snuff out my joy.

It was a few months into the year, when everything seemed most grim, that I made a dramatic choice: I chose to start an at home business. Insane, right? In the middle of that depressive cloud I decided to say YES to an opportunity that just would NOT get out of my head! Try as I might to rationalize why it was the “wrong time” and I just “wasn’t cut out for it”, it wouldn’t leave me be.

In the months that followed I learned some of the most invaluable lessons of my entire life. I learned the honest to god meaning of “mastering the sacred hustle.”

In particular, I learned that there is a distinct difference between hustling and struggling – they are NOT synonymous, friends.

To HUSTLE is to WORK, DILIGENTLY toward an aspiration/dream/goal without letting excuses or limiting beliefs hinder your work.

To STRUGGLE is to allow your limiting beliefs, negative self talk to take over your experience thus making everything HARD, EXHAUSTING, and DRAINING.

When I accepted myself as the CEO of my life and my business, something in my mind just SWITCHED. Every time a difficult circumstance would present itself to me, instead of fizzling into a puddle of tears or overwhelm, I would stop, observe the situation as detached as possible and ask myself, “Can I Fix This? or Is This Mine to Accept and Release?”

The answer to those two questions would then lead me down the necessary road to continue my hustle in a steady mindset. Obstacles are opportunities in disguise, friends. They are those small defining moments where you GET TO demonstrate what you’ve learned and how much you WANT something.

The master hustler knows how to handle them with GRACE.

Are you finding yourself with FAR MORE struggle than hustle in your life?

Well, loves, here’s the opportunity of the a life time.

For the FIRST TIME EVER I am offering a Mastermind Coaching Group with fellow life coach and friend, Anne Livingston. It’s an ongoing group dedicated to helping our VIP clients get into the MASTER mindset and out of the ENDLESS STRUGGLE mindset.

Speaks to you? Visit HERE to register. I am personally sponsoring only 15 clients, so, if you are SERIOUS about your 2017, I’m THRILLED to help you master YOUR sacred hustle.

Remember that you are PERFECT and you are on the RIGHT path always. The perfect resources are always available to you at the perfect time. <3




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