Conflict – NOT what you think it is!

It’s astounding to me how many people are terrified of conflict. Mostly because, when you break it down as simply as possible, more often than not, the only thing you will receive as a result of conflict are feelings.

FEELINGS, people. You will feel angry, hurt, betrayed, annoyed, irritated, ashamed – but they’re all just feelings. Not the end of the world. Feelings.

We go to TREMENDOUS lengths to avoid feeling anything “negative”. This includes swallowing important moments that we should really be speaking up and spitting out. So, I want to challenge you to radically altar your perception of conflict.

I challenge you to view conflict as an invitation – a call to action. I challenge you to stop getting wrapped up in the charged sentiments that accompany conflict and to approach it as an opportunity to create intimacy and BEAUTY.

Will you take my challenge?

Sincerely, Shakti

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