Accepting Responsibility for Your Life – The President Does Not Dictate The Course of Your Life, YOU Do!

OH, Election Time. What an automatic mindf*ck of the highest order in the United States of America – especially 2016. This election has been SPECIAL in so many ways, I can’t even begin. To say I’m sick of listening to people bash each other over their differing opinions is a massive understatement. I think it’s HELLA rude to do so either way.

If you’ve followed my posts for some time, then you’ve heard me talk about my personal alignment with Buddhist philosophy and how much I value the lessons in this practice. In today’s video I share my perspective on something that I believe to be CRITICAL to living a positive life – accepting FULL responsibility for the circumstances of our life.

It is FAR too common, and much too easy, to blame the OUTSIDE for everything ‘wrong’ in our existence – the president, the economy, global warming, etc. It’s a seemingly innocuous habit that often seems VERY reasonable and in reality is absolutely POISONOUS to our happiness.

Avoiding suffering is NOT the point of life, my friends. It is much, much more than that. As the Buddha teaches, pain is inevitable because we are ALIVE and life happens around us all the time. Our choice comes in how we experience suffering and how we allow it to shape our destiny. In the video below I share a particular favorite book of mine that REALLY drove this message home for me when I read it.

I hope you find enormous value and empowerment in this video and that it inspires you to go out and make your life EXACTLY what you want of it.


Sincerely, Shakti <3



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