My Fitness Story – Not Letting Your Medical Conditions Scare You Away From An Amazing Life

I’ve lived with a series of medical conditions from the moment I was born. Opening my eyes to this world meant taking on automatic limitations that would’ve been insanely easy to accept as the “way it is”. I was ingrained with messages very early on that I would NOT be able to do certain things that other “normal” kids and adults could do, i.e. have natural child birth.

Many years later, I’ve played on a soccer team, gotten all the tattoos and piercings I’ve wanted, had a baby vaginally, unmedicated and unassisted and continue to train daily with moderate weight and interval training. I’m in the best shape of my entire life, I have a beautiful healthy baby boy that I had naturally the way I dreamed of, and every day I get more and more curious about pushing outside of my comfort zone.

In this video, I address the importance of taking care of yourself, but also of NOT living in the shadow of a diagnosis. Not living in fear of your body. YOU are the expert on your body. You live daily within it and you have this very intimate relationship to it that no medical study can override.

It is so important to listen to your own body and to challenge yourself to overcome your perceived limitations. To tell yourself that you can live a high quality life, no matter what your condition might be. Mindset is EVERYTHING.

I’m grateful I never limited my life, that I always went above and beyond, and that I constantly shocked everyone with my choices and successes. I’ve lived a beautiful and full life and if it all went down hill tomorrow, I’d regret nothing. ❤



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