3 Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Business

The internet is FANTASTIC. It has literally opened an insane amount of doors for people with entrepreneur dreams that would have never been able to fulfill them otherwise because of the extraordinary upfront cost that a brick and mortar start-up would entail. Because of this we have a SLEW of MLM type of businesses popping up seemingly every day, everyone trying to make their “life of freedom” happen.

Essentially, the majority of these types of entrepreneurs are wanting to spend the rest of their days poolside while other people make them money. I say this with great confidence because I myself work with an MLM and I see it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I see people come into my own business or other businesses and instead of running it like a BUSINESS that requires WORK, ATTENTION, and DEDICATION they get frustrated when they don’t make six figures in two weeks and decide its “not for them” or “all MLMS suck”.

No. MLMs don’t suck. They are freaking amazing tools. I LOVE my company and every day I get to work with them is a God-send. YOU suck, my friend. It is YOU.

Before you decide to start your own business there are KEY questions that you should be asking yourself. The very first and ONLY question that you should consider before you even START is “Do I have the kind of commitment it takes to start and STICK WITH a business?” If the answer is No. Then quit while you’re ahead.

NO business is easy. NO business will hand you a check for $100,000 right out of the gate. MLM or not – NO business will do that. So STOP assuming that you are going to “hit it big” anytime soon, or that an MLM is the platform for you to do that. It’s not.

Your success at ANY business depends on the following 3 questions that I address extensively in the featured video. When you’ve answered those three questions honestly, then and ONLY then will you know if that particular business is for YOU and if you will reap the kind of success everyone dreams of.

If you are currently starting your own MLM or small business, heed this video with GREAT attention. Owning my own business is something I deeply LOVE. It challenges me daily and pushes me to grow as a person and as a leader. But, that being said, it is NOT for everyone. If you are unwilling to take punches, before you “make it”, then KNOW that about you.

There is nothing wrong with that. And, indeed it takes MUCH self awareness to know the kind of sacrifice and commitment you are and are NOT willing to make. If you DO have a desire to start your own business and you have a particular interest in helping others with health and fitness, email me at Wellness.Mama.Shakti@gmail.com and we’ll get you started. <3

Sincerely, Shakti




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