The Radical Positivity Movement: A Movement Worth Joining

Every Monday – Friday, I sit down early in the morning and pour myself some coffee and hop on LIVE on my LIKE page on Facebook (Wellness Mama Shakti – Like Page – be sure to LIKE the page so that you’ll be notified when I hop on!) and talk about a subject that has either been requested of me, or that has been on my heart and mind for a while.

This past Wednesday I hopped on and talked about starting a movement that I urged all of my followers to join me in, so of course, I’m invited YOU too.

This movement requires ONLY that you decide TODAY that you are ready to give up a life of complaint, misery, gossip and hardship and start living a life that celebrates, uplifts, and inspires. That’s it.

In this video, I share a bit about my story as an activist and how this entire movement started from a seemingly small coaching vision. As always, I hope that it inspires you to made a change and start a new story of your life.


Be good to YOU and be good to each other.

Sincerely, Shakti <3




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