Perfectionism is Keeping You From Everything You Want


Perfectionism has been my center vice for as long as I can remember. I have clung to the false belief that perfectionism actually made me BETTER than most people because WHEN I did FINALLY decide to do anything, it would be PERFECT – unlike all those other petty people who are out there doing things, that CLEARLY aren’t perfect.

Here’s the thing. I wasn’t doing shit with my life. At all. I was sitting on my high chair of perfectionism judging other people and their less than perfect efforts completely missing the point – THEY WERE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. It’s taken me years to realize that the people who do something, ANYTHING, are the only ones that win.

“You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start. But You Have To Start To Be Great.”

-Zig Ziglar


Starting is HOW you get good at anything. Practice is the only way we actually learn how to perfect anything. Without the practice, we mean NOTHING. Without putting ourselves out there, we are serving NOONE. You deciding that you won’t do something until it’s “perfect” is SELFISH.

Be honest. Admit that you’re afraid. That’s okay! We all were at some point. But, just because you’re afraid, doesn’t mean you cannot start somewhere. In today’s video I address the false belief of perfectionism as a virtue and I help you understand how to break through that.






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