Honor The Hustle: A Hero Story

It is really insanely easy to feel comfortable celebrating the glory of achieving. We as a society have become OBSESSSED with achieving and as a result, we’ve created a culture of people scrambling to look for a quick fix – from cosmetic surgery to winning the lottery – and NO ONE is willing to WORK for what they want.

The term “overnight success” really makes me want to barf a little. Guys…really…hear me on this. There is NO such thing as an overnight success. That person who ‘suddenly’ became wildly successful in the pursuit of something they created or launched had been working their ASS off for YEARS until it *finally* took off. 

Their overnight success was YEARS in the  making. Years of sacrificing sleep, parties, friendships, trips, time with family, luxuries. Years of feeling like they were failing. Years of people mocking them and questioning why they were even trying. Years of tears and hundreds of hours of thankless effort. YEARS. Did I make that clear? Good.

As a result of this “quick fix” mindset, we have no idea how to honor the struggle. We have no idea how to honor the hustle. We DREAD having to hustle. We detest our stories and our problems and we constantly dissect the SHIT out of ourselves. Needless to say, this is beyond unhelpful. What we need is a total mindset shift.  

In this video I talk about my own story with body image and how it has quite literally been years of my life learning how to find peace, learning how to appreciate my hustle, learning how to understand that if I don’t struggle, I cannot grow. May you find strength in your struggle and the courage to create your own hero story.

Sincerely, Shakti


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