Get Your Mind and Your Life RIGHT: Organization for the WIN!

In every sense of the phrase, I am a CONSTANT work in progress. After spending a carb-filled week with my family in South Florida, getting horribly sick with something I can only assume is first cousin to the Bubonic Plague, and falling off track with ALL the goals I had set for myself while I traveled, I returned home with a bloated gut, horrible sinus congestion and a wounded ego.

For fourth months I had worked diligently to establish some sort of routine that incorporated my son, my home, and my business and in what seemed like seconds, it all went up in flames. At the time, I was livid. 

My son got sick first in the airport which meant two long nights thereafter of very little sleep and a lot of crying. Right after that I got awfully sick for the duration of our trip which meant zero working out, or breathing, or seeing since my eyes were nearly swollen shut. The anger was real. I felt defeated and ashamed and because I had not hit any business goals I had originally planned for I felt like an EPIC failure.

By the time I got home Monday night, all I wanted to do was go to sleep and not wake up for days. My body still felt weak, my workload had just about tripled, and I had so many personal To-Do’s just lingering about in my head and on my planner that the notion of getting to any of it made me want to vomit. 

However, Tuesday morning I got up, made breakfast, drank coffee, played with my baby and decided to take one thing on at a time despite feeling horrid and exhausted. Just one thing at a time, I told myself. Make that phone call. Settle those debts. Clean the kitchen. Complete some business tasks. Just one thing at a time. Luckily, by the end of the day, and after a zoom meeting with two other coaches I adore, my heart felt warmer and my head clearer and I was able to end my day feeling thankful.

During that call one of the coaches talked a lot about organization and how once she got very organized, she suddenly felt so much more at peace. So the rest of Monday I dedicated to getting organized – in my home, in my business, and in my head. I genuinely believe that’s the only reason why today, (I write this on a Wednesday morning), I have more energy and more exuberance despite still being ill than I’ve had in over a week.

Clutter takes a toll on our minds y’all. Don’t let yourself believe that “I’m just messy” or “I know how to work around my mess”. I used to tell myself this and all I’ve reaped as a result, especially after children, is a massive amount of overwhelm at very inconvenient times. Allow yourself to learn HOW to become more organized and allow yourself to implement systems that work for YOU. 

You don’t have to rock a pinterest house or life – you just have to rock a life that works efficiently and effectively and doesn’t leave you DRAINED. Below is a video I filmed live on Facebook talking about organization to combat overwhelm.
Wishing you all an organized day!

Getting Organized As An Antidote for Overwhelm

Sincerely, Shakti <3

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