How To Listen To Your Body

Hey Tribe! I have so much material on my Facebook page in the form of LIVE videos, like TONS. And, since Facebook is not HUGE on sharing those videos outside of the platform I will be linking several on my blog!

My page is public and open to all so please, come on by, friend me and catch these LIVE!

In the meantime here is a video I made a few mornings ago that I REALLY loved. It’s a subject matter near and dear to my heart and it was requested of me by my good friend and success partner, Beth.

She asked me to make a video on how to listen to our bodies because she experienced having a really difficult time being “in tune” with what she needed/wanted. What ensued was a very deep conversation which really spoke to the deepest parts of me and my own journey with this.

May it serve you as it has served us!

Sincerely, Shakti <3

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