ShadowPlay: The Price of Inspiration

Living an inspiring life is wonderful. I mean, some of the time. It’s wonderful to receive messages on a daily basis of people thanking me for sharing my story and helping them get clarity on theirs. I LOVE that stuff.
But, what most people don’t see is the “dark side” to living an inspiring life. It’s the side where I experience all of my experiences which include blind rage, profound depression, consuming envy, total embarrassment etc. What makes my life inspiring is all of the “un sexy” self awareness that is born from living a life in ALL of its facets. I don’t shy away from anything I feel EVER. I know better than that.
In an attempt to process my life as it happens, I always turn to self-awareness and choose to search for the ‘gems’ in all my seemingly crappy life happenings. In the end, I manage to turn that around into a valuable lesson that I then choose to share with the public. It’s a long and tedious process, but I know it makes a difference.
If you want to live an inspiring life, you must be willing to deal with your shadows – full frontal.


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