Let’s Talk About Money: Actions Make You Money, Wishes Do NOT.

Everyone, it seems, wants to be rich. BUT – they want to just fall instantly rich with ZERO effort, ZERO preparation, and ZERO responsibility. Totally sounds like the life of a millionaire, doesn’t it?
NO, IT FREAKING DOESN’T. That’s exactly the point. NO ONE stays wealthy – keyword STAYS – without doing some serious ass-busting, brow sweating, tear inducing work. No one stays wealthy without preparing their life to receive that kind of abundance, and no one stays wealthy without taking on an ASS LOAD of responsibility that typically involves managing an arsenal of other people as well as themselves.
Being rich is NOT what most people think it is, and it requires a ton of effort, which NO ONE is willing to put in, which is why 1% of the population owns most of the wealth. This is not an argument about ethics – take that ish somewhere else. I’m talking straight up, the people who have created themselves from NOTHING and all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into that. Their wealth came as a result of their ACTIONS. Not their wishing or bitching.


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