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2019 – The Beginning of the Green Era.

I’ve said for a good while now that we are at the very edge of a new era in our experience as humans on the globe. An era I have lovingly referred to as the Green Era. In some way this has very obvious connotations – environmental awareness, a return to Earth, divine feminine led.…… Continue reading 2019 – The Beginning of the Green Era.

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Willpower is Bullshit & Acceptance is Deliverance

This message is a really sensitive point for me. I immediately think back to when I had my son. My first kid. I had no idea what to expect. No idea what I was doing. No idea what I wanted it to be like. I felt completely blind sided by the entire experience. All I…… Continue reading Willpower is Bullshit & Acceptance is Deliverance

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Let’s talk about Wealth, Baby.

The other day I shared a photo of myself on Instagram talking about receiving an email in regards to renewing my Driver’s license. I mentioned that I genuinely forget that this is a ritual and typically when this announcement comes up in my life (like car registration, yearly subscriptions etc.) I panic because it was an…… Continue reading Let’s talk about Wealth, Baby.

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More is NOT More: The Case For Less Pressure in Massage

My hands have been sifting through the tissues of clients for the past 6 years of my life. I’ve worked on toddlers, seniors, pre-pubescent teens, teens, and adults of all genders, races, and levels of activity. No matter who they are, or what they are coming to see me for, one fact that remains identical…… Continue reading More is NOT More: The Case For Less Pressure in Massage

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My Secret Weapon for LIFE.

I wanted to share something REALLY personal that has deeply transformed my life: My morning routine. One of the benefits of working with me as a fitness and alignment coach is the ability to contact me one-on-one for a more personal coaching experience. This means helping you get organized with your fitness, nutrition, and schedule.…… Continue reading My Secret Weapon for LIFE.